Kim Fay (EA) Ltd


Developed a digital strategy with a holistic approach to the issue of menstruation and the goal of lowering the girls’ school dropout rate


The outpouring of confidence in campaign creatives was necessary. We did it with confidence and the client loved it.

Integrated Digital Marketing

The consistency of campaign message and the far and wide reach was made possible through integrated digital marketing

Experiantial Marketing

Engaged the audience with the campaign goal by sensitizing them on the menstrual issue. An immersive experience to the plight of girls not attending school because they can’t afford sanitary towels

World-class Essentials

Kim Fay is the brand of East Africa’s largest provider of world-class Home and Hygiene Essentials. The brand partnered with The King Kaka Sanitary Bank to help mobilize 100,000 sanitary towels to keep girls in school during their time of need.

We stepped in when Kim Fay approached us to create a digital strategy that helps increase awareness on menstrual issues and document the impact of the initiative across Kenya. We brainstormed with Kim Fay’s communication team and launched a campaign ‘The Confidence Title’.


The campaign amassed the total online engagement of 217,739 people with 3 universities in Nairobi, Kenya, including the campaign in their 2018 pageant category, and kept 238 girls in school for a year. 


Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda


Kim Fay (EA) Ltd


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